Additional resources

This page lists various additional resources hosted on other websites
Tracer: Perpetual Pools Litepaper (PDF)\ ****Authors: Ryan Garner, Lachlan Webb, Harrison Coates, Tim Jiang __Description: Overview of the Perpetual Pools (v1) mechanism as of August 27, 2021
Introducing V2 Mechanism (Radar)\ ****Author: Tracer DAO __Description: Exploring the Perpetual Pools V2 Mechanism
Tracer's Perpetual Pools ELI5 (Radar)\ ****Author: Tracer DAO __Description: A beginners guide to understanding Tracer’s Perpetual Pools
Minting and Burning Pool Tokens Guide (Radar)\ ****Author: Tracer DAO __Description: A step-by-step on minting and burning tokens using the Perpetual Pools V2 interface.
Tracer's Perpetual Pools V2 Simulations (Radar)\ ****Author: Tracer DAO __Description: Expected Reduction in Volatility Decay
Skew Farming Explained (Radar) Author: Tracer DAO Description: Excess Risk-Adjusted Returns with a Delta-Neutral Position
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