Answers to common problems while using the Perpetual Pools product.
I minted a token but I cannot see it in my portfolio
This is most likely an RPC issue. We recommend you try another RPC endpoint by changing your browser wallet's network settings. For more information, please refer to Offchain Labs' documentation here.
If the issue is not resolved, please open your console log and see if there are error messages. You can reach out to us on Discord for more help.
I cannot see a market on the website anymore
It is possible that the market you have interacted previously with has been removed from the front end. You can add any market to the front end by navigating to the Trade -page (Pools -page), scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the "Display Alternative Market" -button. This will open up a prompt in which you can copy the right "Leveraged Pool" address from the Markets -page.