Mycelium Perpetual Pools are available on the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet.
We recommend testing Perpetual Pools on the testnet before moving on to committing funds on the mainnet.

Using Testnet

You can switch Perpetual Pools to testnet mode by clicking the network selector in the top right corner next to your wallet address and choosing Arbitrum Rinkeby. You will be prompted to confirm the network change after which you are now using a testnet instance of the Perpetual Pools.
Network selector


You can get PPUSD, the Settlement Asset used in the testnet Pools, via our Discord. On the #get-test-tokens channel, type in the command !claim followed by your address to claim PPUSD. You will also need testnet ETH to perform actions.
We recommend using a separate wallet for testing and claiming from the faucet to preserve privacy!

Useful Community Resources

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