1. Overview

Welcome to the quick start guide. This section covers basic Perpetual Pools usage like buying/selling, minting/burning, and managing your portfolio. If you are looking for different information, jump ahead to Advanced Topics.
Remember to check the glossary as you go. It's the quickest way to digest unfamiliar terms and concepts.

What are Perpetual Pools?

Perpetual Pools are tools for making leveraged tokens. They have been designed with simplicity in mind, so making and redeeming the tokens with Pools is easy.

What are Leveraged Tokens?

Leveraged tokens, or Pools tokens, track your favourite assets but outperform them by a multiple.
For example, we have a Perpetual Pool tracking the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) with approximately 3 times the returns. It's used to create long tokens that rise and fall in value with the price of ether, and short tokens that rise and fall in opposition to the price of ether.
Long (left) and short (right) Ether tokens
Generally, any asset can have leveraged tokens that track it. If you’re interested in making a Perpetual Pools market for a specific asset, go on ahead to the Factory section of these docs.