6. Stake Pool Tokens ('Stake' Page)

Some Pools offer staking rewards. That means you can get paid just by having, and staking Pools tokens.
To check whether your Pools token is eligible for rewards, head over to the "Stake" page. There, you can search for your token by name, or filter through the list.

Ensure your pool tokens are in your web3 wallet

After you mint a position, your leveraged tokens will appear on the portfolio page by default rather than in your wallet. In order to stake your tokens, you'll first need to make sure they're in your wallet.
To view the tokens you have sitting in escrow, navigate to the “Portfolio” page.
To move your pool tokens out of escrow and into your wallet, click the ‘Claim All’ button and approve the transaction. The tokens will then be sent to the wallet you are using (i.e., the one that is connected to the app).
You might not see them at first if you haven't added the pool token to your wallet. To make sure the tokens are visible in your wallet select the three dots and then click “Add token to wallet”. Alternatively, you can view the addresses of the pool tokens here and manually add them to your wallet!

Find the 'Stake' page

Now that your tokens are in your wallet; you are ready to stake them!
Head to the 'Stake' page in the app, to see a list of pool tokens that can be staked and their respective APRs. Only pool tokens that you've got in your wallet will have the 'Stake' button active.


Choose 'Stake' on right-hand side of the app. You'll then be prompted to enter the amount of tokens you'd like to stake. Select 'Max' to stake all of your pool tokens.
Staking puts your tokens in a contract that releases rewards over time, so you'll have to sign a transaction in your wallet to enter. Accept the MetaMask prompts and your pool tokens will be staked.
Rewards are usually paid in protocol tokens. Our Liquidity Mining section has the complete list of token rewards and their release schedule; go check it out!

How can I claim my rewards?

The longer you stake for, the more rewards you will accrue. You can claim them at any time by clicking the claim button.

How can I get my tokens back?

When you're ready to get your pool tokens back, simply click the unstake button and they'll be returned to your wallet!